10 Bedroom Design With Urban Style, making the room seem practical and Modern

Urban style interior design reflects a variety of backgrounds, display material non-traditional house with  features design. City dwellers use the interior of galvanized steel, concrete floor, metal walls, beams and unfinished surfaces to create a modern image display.

In upscale urban  interior, however, is much more refined look, with designer fixtures, sophisticated and innovative settlement with a small space solutions, such as an open floor plan that allows for multi-function room. the tightness of The broadest measure of  the urban interior design requires innovative strategies.

Urban-style Furniture :

Urban-style design you can choose to apply, such as in the bedroom. You can play using urban-style design distinctive shapes and colors that are widely used. Presents beds furniture, console tables, and cabinets of wood materials with firm design, simple, yet elegant. Its presence makes the room seem practical at once warm

Then, frame bedroom use white on all sides of the walls and floors. Add some ornaments such as standing lamp, vase, and carpets. For beddings can apply beige color, for example pillows and bed linen. Well, the bedroom looks cozy and giving a sense of flexibility for you when spending time in it.

Urban-style Accessories: 

In the modern concept of urban interiors, furniture tends toward low and modular, with little ornamentation. More useful accessories, including mirrors, lighting features, window and furniture materials as a focal point.

Urban Style, bedroom design, Bedroom Interior Design

Urban Style

Urban Style

Urban Style

Urban Style

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