Some Characteristics of Architectural Oriental Design, The design style of East Asia

The Oriental home design is inherited from the culture of the countries in East Asia, such as China, Korea, and Japan. However, the most popular is the design which is closely related with China and Japanese architecture. 

Here are some typical of oriental architectural design: 

Details of buildings, mostly houses oriental style has a simple display. Materials used were mostly from nature, such as bamboo, wood, and natural stone. Feng shui and oriental house design clearly closely linked. People who still bleed China still believes the manner of feng shui in arranging his house. With feng shui, you can usually determine the position, shape, and layout of your home space. The function of the feng shui itself is to prevent disasters and opened the door of sustenance in the house.

Combining color, The oriental impression you can get on the interior of the house with the play of color. Blend colors of the walls, furniture, and accessories is very important. Select any two colors which include dramatic color and subdued colors that can balance each other. Some oriental interior emphasizes the natural colors found in natural elements such as stone, wood, and soil. Colors such as red, white, gold, brown, and black will give an oriental touch of elegant and exotic.

Playing with ornaments, a lot of typical oriental ornaments that you can get easily in the market. Candles, jars, fan, painting, and sculpture are some of them. For some of the room, try to put up lanterns. Curtains and oriental patterned pillowcases can be used to complement the appearance of your home. Usually this oriental pattern dragon-shaped , kanji, and others.

Architectural Oriental Design

Architectural Oriental Design

Architectural Oriental Design, Oriental Design, interior design

Architectural Oriental Design

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