8 Carport Design for Beautify of facade

Carport Design  - Carport is a place to park a vehicle, and to work together with the garage. However, in contrast to the closed garage, carport more open. Some carport just a plastered land on the floor. Not a few also are intentionally designed the carport so that it becomes part of the facade of the house. Starting from a simple design and unique becomes one of the main focal points of the house.

Here is some design of carport that can be used as a reference for the design of your carport in the house.

1. Carport with unusual roof design with just a hollow arranged and covered by polycarbonate a little bit different to the support columns are made oblique.


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2. Canopy with the horizontal wood frame and concrete columns are painted white in harmony with the facade of the house with that too much use of a mix of wood and white paint so that modern impression. In addition to the canopy frame, during the day will give effect to the beautiful imagery and reduce the effects of heat.

Carport Design

3. Unlike with the previous wooden canopy, the more memorable modern, timber frame is molded box and the  columns frame was using wooden, so the impression that different. More nuanced country.

Carport Design

4. Minimalism and simple with columns and beams that form the letter L and the iron grill on one side. Plus the use of a glass canopy cover, the stronger the modern impression.

Carport Design

5. Grill wood combined with steel frame become interesting concept and sturdiness in a carport. Moreover, the addition of 'wings' on the walls, giving a broader effect on the carport area

Carport Design

6. Beams and columns using the exposed concrete at the center added a wooden frame to hold the glass as the roof cover gives the impression of natural  in the area of the house facade.

Carport Design

7. Carport with simple materials such as wood and polycarbonate canopy cover did not make the facade of the house looks simple. But This Carport impression is very light. On the one hand, we could hang various types of plants.

Carport Design

8. The use of a ceiling on the carport could be an alternative although carpots included in the outdoor area. The use of 'wings' with hollow frame and glass make the area covered carport canopy becomes more widespread but still bright.

Carport Design

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  1. Now-a-days creativity is at its boom. Even carports are available in so many different styles and designs that helps a lot in beautifying the home exterior look.