Exotic Dining Room With Oriental Concept

Dining Room With Oriental Concept - The Exotic impression you can create by applying the concept of the oriental interior, for example in the dining room. You can select a typical design of Chinese oriental. To apply this style, you can use colors like red, yellow, brown, gold, or orange color.

These colors are colors that are identical to the concept of oriental Tiong Hoa. You can try to select the color orange and Wraps in oriental dining room walls. Orange color application is able to create an impression of a cheerful and make the occupants into the spirit and more tasteful when eating a meal in the dining room.

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To comfortable impression, combined with a brown color. Bring brown color through the existence of furniture, accessories, or China ornaments  such as dining table and chairs, cupboards with Oriental carvings, ceramics, and god sculpture with brown color.

By doing so, a dining room appear exotic, natural and gives the feel of a cozy warmth.


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Exotic Dining Room

Exotic Dining Room

Exotic Dining Room

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