Shabby Chic Design Elements To Beautify Your Home

Shabby Chic Design Elements - One characteristic of shabby chic style interior design is the presence of antique furnitures such as a credenza, vases, frames glass, fabric, or other art objects. Usually furniture is made of wood will be painted white, then began sanded so that its surface is not too shiny, giving the impression of vintage and old.

Shabby Chic Design Elements

Besides wood, the fabric material is also a major element in the interior is shabby chic style. The fabrics used are fabrics that have a motif and pastel colors. Generally floral. You can apply a cloth material on the bed, dining table, headboard, padded wall, until the seat upholstery. But one thing to remember, shabby chic style does not much explore color and high contrast but tend to play on the safe monochrome space.

Here are some interior elements that you can add to reinforce the impression of shabby chic style in your home. 

Shabby chic style interior design:

Pastel colors 

Choose paint the walls with soft pastel colors like mint green, beige, ivory white. These colors can be applied unevenly on the wall panels and furniture filling the room, making it appear unfinished impression.

Shabby Chic Design Elements, shabby chic design, shabby chic elements

Shabby Chic Design Elements

Here are tips for choosing color combinations for the shabby chic room. Choose a main color and a balance with the complementary color. For example, if the blue light into primary colors, Adjust the color space by adding a light gray (broken gray) and a little white. You can give the main color on the furniture and then give a layer of textured or motif with complementary colors on it. In addition to white and pastel, coloring models outdated (worn), bleach out and faded also often associated with shabby chic. 

Patterned cotton 

Shabby Chic Design Elements

Shabby Chic Design Elements

One of the most dominant element in the interior is shabby chic is a floral-patterned fabric. This influence comes from England, where many homes are using chintz, floral-patterned cotton woven fabric, as a cover sofas and curtains.

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Nowadays, a lot of found fabric print with a variety of motives. Then use the cloth was widespread not only in into cushion and curtains, but also can be present as a handkerchief at the dinner table, padded wall, until the coating jewelry box. 

White furniture 

Shabby Chic Design Elements

Shabby Chic Design Elements

If the walls, floor, and accessories have been using a variety of diverse blend of pastel shades, then you need aspects that could make neutral this interior. The most dominant element in an interior is furniture. Then, use a white colored furniture that color matching is not being too crowded. You can start to look for credenza and put it at the end of the living room

Antique accessories 

Shabby Chic Design Elements

The vintage feel is one atmosphere that try built in shabby chic decor. Then the required support elements such as accessories of antique trinkets to bring out the nuances. One of the easiest is the tea set with the floral motif or you can hunt accessories in traditional markets.  Shabby Chic Design Elements

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