Design Characteristic of Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby chic interior style originated in England around 80s. Along with the development and familiar shabby chic interior design, approximately 90s this interior design style is gaining popularity in America. The design is simple yet can still provide beauty to the interior of the house.

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Characteristic of Shabby Chic is using furniture and  soft furnishings with soft color and memorable "shabby" due to age. Furniture made of rattan, iron and old wood painted white or brown color of natural wood with a rough finishing to give a vintage feel. Shabby Chic products can also new products are processed in a way that gives the impression of an antique.

Shabby Chic characteristic

In the soft furnishings, the material most commonly used are cotton and linen. The choice of characteristic colors  of Shabby Chic is the soft colors like white, pink, green, blue and other pastel colors. While flowers, polka dots, plaid, and stripes are a favorite motif of Shabby Chic style that differentiates it from other home decorating style.

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