Soft With Pastel Green In Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby Chic Living Room - Creating an interior with a pleasant feel and softness can by presenting shabby chic style design. This style can you try to apply for example in the living room.

An easy way to apply a shabby chic style that is the play of colors. select colors with a soft tone like pastel green color. On the whole side wall, you can apply pastel green. To complete the interior of the living room shabby chic mix with white color for the floor and coffee table and furniture sofa.

Then blend of white and pastel green you can apply through the presence of a sofa. For a pastel, green color can be presented again for example on accessories cushions and unique decoration in the living room. Then, select ornaments room seem soft and attractive, or it could also choose of floral motifs.

The shabby chic interior design is identical to the feel of the soft, feminine, and antiques. This style is also able to give a touch of beauty and romantic. The shabby chic design is a design that comes from the United Kingdom. This style began to grow in the United States and become a favorite.

Shabby chic decor to give a touch of beauty that is unique and has its own characteristics that make it attractive to be applied to the interior.

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